The mission of GrayResearch.Net is to investigate and utilize new techniques and technologies for media creation and delivery. Here in the Research Center are the current and past records of all the research projects we've undertaken. Everything from refitting the good ship "Revenge" for a story we're producing called "20 Miles" to the products we examine weekly for the "DomestiTech" blog for Gannett.
<strong><em>20 miles: The good ship Revenge being carried to the water for the first time in two years</em></strong> <strong><em>Arctic Adventure:  Initial construction of the AEV </em></strong> <strong><em>Arctic Adventure: Interior of the AEV</em></strong> <strong><em>Arctic Adventure:  Some flowers from the far north</em></strong> <strong><em>Arctic Adventure: Goat contemplation</em></strong><br /> <strong><em>Arctic Adventure:  The high pass road</em></strong> <strong><em>20 miles:  Leaving Newburgh bridge behind on our way up river.</em></strong> <strong><em>20 miles:  Revenge engineering crew at work</em></strong> <strong><em>20 miles:  Revenge on her way to the Hudson River</em></strong> <strong><em>Arctic Adventure:  Road and pipeline</em></strong> Arctic Adventure:  Sasketchewan <strong><em>Arctic Adventure: A Caribou Passes the damaged AEV -(Showoff!!)</em></strong> <strong><em>Arctic Adventure:  Weird things you see along the way</em></strong>

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