Digitise your life

Matthew in the media conversion lab
What do you do with your old Pictures, LPs, 45s, 78s, video tapes, Cassettes, CD’s and DVD’s. Some of them are going to be fine for a while, others are going to have you hunting for a turntable in the not too distant future.

This purpose of this ongoing project is to find the best ways to convert old media to newer more portable formats. Or maybe it’s about developing a methodology for donating all your old media to charity while still keeping it.


We will focusing on video (VHS, mini VHS, CD, and DVD), Audio (33s,45s,78s, cassettes) and pictures (Slides, Photographs, Negatives) and their high quality conversion to purely digital formats.

Output : Most of this research will be funneled into DomestiTech columns.

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