Originally an unnamed ship, “Revenge” came from a yacht club on the Hudson River. Her previous owner had died leaving her stranded. When billed for storage the surviving family members abandoned her for scrap.

Revenge is a 32 foot 1978 Pacemaker with two 220HP engines. Pacemakers are known for the quality and thickness of their hulls and the excellence of their design. The Naval architect David Martin is renowned throughout the industry for his efficient designs. However, Revenge is a product of a bygone age when gas was $1 or so a gallon. On our break-in voyage she burned over $750 dollars worth on a trip of a little over 150 miles, leaving us wondering how we could make this beauty more efficient.

The project : 20 miles

“20 Miles” is the story of the purchase, licensing (the hardest part so far) and re-fitting of Revenge. Our goal is to lighten her, rebuild her interior with more durable “greener” materials, replace all her electronics (including lights) with better less power-hungry elements and generally cheapen her operating costs. This may include re-powering her with natural gas or opting for a diesel-electric solution.

Notes for this ongoing project are currently off-line. However, Expect them soon. They are all electronic and it’s simply a matter of connecting EverNote to this site (simply?)

Notes for 20 Miles