These are the current projects that are underway at

Each project is documented in an initial mission statement and progress is recorded in an accompanying Blog. Projects start and stop based on time and availability, because there are only so many of us to work on a project at anyone time. Each project description is linked to both the mission statement and it's progress blog.

P.S. There are more projects but their notes and mission statements are not yet finalized. When the paperwork is ready they will appear here.

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Digitize your life

What do you do with your old Pictures, LPs, 45s, 78s, video tapes, Cassettes, CD’s and DVD’s. Some of them are going to be fine for a while, others are going to have you hunting for a turntable in the not too distant future.

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20 Miles

Power boats, especially cabin cruisers, are some of the most inefficient vehicles on the planet. They are very expensive when new, and can be had for a tiny fraction of their original cost in just a few years. That's because they are really expensive to run. Can that be changed?

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Elements of privacy in the digital world

The purpose of this research is to determine the vulnerability of standard Internet "Identities" that are common to most users.  This includes Facebook identities, gmail identities,  linked-in identities and other common forms of Internet personalities.

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Are we at a point in time that a energy reporting and recording tool can be constructed by just about any hobbyist. How many frequencies and types of energy could be sensed, recorded and played back?