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Here are all the latest products and the latest productions from our longer term projects. There is also a calendar of up coming production releases. As much as we like to plan ahead, some times we discover something along the way that just has to be "checked" out. Therefor we reserve the right not to stick to the schedule. "The best plans of mice and men…………"

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Calendar of productions

  • Domestitech
    10/25/2012 - How smart is your Toaster oven?
    11/01/2012 - The happy sound of chainsaws and chippers
    11/08/2012 - 12 days and counting...
    11/15/2012 - After sandy: #1 Too much power
  • The Embarrassed Republican
    10/26/2012 - Voter fraud or intimidation
    11/02/2012 - Why we vote
    11/10/2012 - Now what?
    11/15/2012 - Stop Don't, Come back….