Pounding the pages

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ter 3+ years in the making (stalling) the World War 1 journal 15 months in Belgium - a CRB Journal is in the final stages of production. The last animations are being created and the final editing is almost complete. What made all this possible was a kick in the pants from coincidence and the final choice of a format. My father and I went to lunch with Jeff Miller who is in the “fix in’ to get ready” stages of of creating his own book on the Work of the C.R.B. (Commission for Relief in Belgium). He proposes to write a fictional account of one of the men of the C.R.B. and he has done years of extensive research. This was the “kick” I needed to get going on our very real account.

The second part of the equation was the decision to finally just commit to a particular electronic format and then brute scan the entire journal with OCR software and then comb through it all looking for errors. By far the best format for the journal was Apple’s iBook format. It has the ability to capture all of the illustrations and extra information as well as allowing us to use quick animations to illustrate all the traveling that Prentiss N. Gray did. this makes the Journal much less confusing. Most of the explanatory data is now firmly ensconced in the Glossary, which allows pictures

Fighting the Web

We had a major outage on the site the past few weeks, in fact we had to move the whole thing just to get it going again. We’re now getting a site monitoring service to check every 5 minutes if the site disappears again, that way we actually know when to worry!

Beyond that, the Revenge is moving along swiftly (now that the weather is above glue temperature again) and the v-birth windows are coming out easily. it looks like we can re-glaze and re set them pretty simply. After that the salon windshields will come out and although they are a little trickier (they have bottom panels that open) we’ve already found all the necessary materials. In a week or two we should have a good seal on the entire super structure

latest columns

We’re finishing out the week with considering new lighting options on Domesti-Tech. The piece is on Sun Tunnels. Frankly I’m surprised that Velux doesn’t have more competitors for these inexpensive handy skylights. They work really well and are pretty simple to install. If only I could work out a way to put a bunch in the basement. On the Embarrassed Republican: I get to talk about all the craziness that’s been going on. Petitions to Secede? Really?

We’re gearing up for the christmas columns, so far it looks like a couple of featured items will be “Click and grow” an electronic flower pot that asks for water and has cartridges with plants ready to go, and Netatmo a wireless weather and air quality sensor. I wonder if that can be hooked up to Wunderground so we can be one of their “reporting stations”? We’ll have the usual selection of last minute gifts as well, for people like us who always wait too long.

After Sandy

after sandy
I finally found a big enough wrench, so I’ve pretty much got all the feeds working now. We’ve had a tough time with Sandy, the generator kept us up but everything else that was going on kept us all pretty busy. We’ve made a lot of progress, now all we have to do is get it published!

blogging Amadillo

While working on Leslie’s food blog we came across some simple blogging software called Armadillo. Armadillo lets anyone blog on the site from anywhere, without all the overhead of a tool like wordpress. Of course it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles either, but we think we can cover most of those ourselves, all we really wanted was an accessible blog for the food section. Amadillo may replace this blog as well, we’ll have to see. Apparantly Armadillo does a lot more as well, but that might require reading the manual.

The food section is off the menu again, pending some actual content. Meanwhile, I need to study ways of linking the site to a paprika database and how to get the reviews that are already on Trip advisor.