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We’re finishing out the week with considering new lighting options on Domesti-Tech. The piece is on Sun Tunnels. Frankly I’m surprised that Velux doesn’t have more competitors for these inexpensive handy skylights. They work really well and are pretty simple to install. If only I could work out a way to put a bunch in the basement. On the Embarrassed Republican: I get to talk about all the craziness that’s been going on. Petitions to Secede? Really?

We’re gearing up for the christmas columns, so far it looks like a couple of featured items will be “Click and grow” an electronic flower pot that asks for water and has cartridges with plants ready to go, and Netatmo a wireless weather and air quality sensor. I wonder if that can be hooked up to Wunderground so we can be one of their “reporting stations”? We’ll have the usual selection of last minute gifts as well, for people like us who always wait too long.