Fixed it!

PSNG Drawing for web (small)
With some .htaccess assistance we have the site up and running and out of “totally broken” mode and firmly into “Needs work” territory. Yay! the complaints are still long and whiny though. Things like the height of the sub-menu bar (which is so thin most people don’t see it at all(look under the home tab, see the “About”)) are annoying but fixable. There are also some RSS feeds that still need to be addressed as well, but at least we can all do updates without the deadly “Sproing!!!!” of our initial Drupal site. Things are looking up just in time for the weekend. When’s drink time?

More website work

After a very rough ride with Drupal as our CMS (Content Management System), we’ve bailed and gone to our old favorite RapidWeaver. It’s fast to update, has lots of bells and whistles and best of all it’s Easy. As my son pointed out to me “Oh RapidWeaver, that’s like dreamweaver for children right?” Nice dude, really nice. That aside I’m much happier with a CSS that’s almost completely WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) than Drupal or even Wordpress. They’re very powerful, just not intuitive. When I want to add content or functionality, I don’t want to code I want to get it done fast and smooth.

WYSIWYG? No one says that. You know that right?” Well I still do, so there.