Fixed it!

PSNG Drawing for web (small)
With some .htaccess assistance we have the site up and running and out of “totally broken” mode and firmly into “Needs work” territory. Yay! the complaints are still long and whiny though. Things like the height of the sub-menu bar (which is so thin most people don’t see it at all(look under the home tab, see the “About”)) are annoying but fixable. There are also some RSS feeds that still need to be addressed as well, but at least we can all do updates without the deadly “Sproing!!!!” of our initial Drupal site. Things are looking up just in time for the weekend. When’s drink time?


Well, we are almost ready to let this puppy fly. We’ve had some problems with RSS feeds from one particular server but I’ll be darned if I can figure it out. We still have plenty of content to import and lots of links to outside services (TripAdvisor, Evernote, etc, etc) But this is way better than the mess we have under Drupal. My personal thanks to Rapid weaver and the plug-in developers that we’re using (Joe Workman, YourHead, and Phillip Barrington who wrote Feedslider). Awesome jobs, guys.

By tomorrow we may just flip the switch.

Almost there

We’re almost ready to put the new site up for the first time. That will be a huge relief. The old/new site is so cranky and full of potential errors. However there is a lot of content there that we will have to re-import to the new new site. The last time we had to copy and paste (Thanks Matt) out of the iWeb site into drupal, a two day effort. This time I’m hoping it will not be so labor intensive. What’s left is to turn off parts of the site that are not fully populated yet, and user acceptance testing (brings back old bitter consulting memories)

We’ll be leaving a lot out for the “first blush,” interactive features, archives, some project notes, and the entire, new “Everything Food” section. Still it will be a much better looking and less error prone place to stop and browse.