Pounding the pages

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ter 3+ years in the making (stalling) the World War 1 journal 15 months in Belgium - a CRB Journal is in the final stages of production. The last animations are being created and the final editing is almost complete. What made all this possible was a kick in the pants from coincidence and the final choice of a format. My father and I went to lunch with Jeff Miller who is in the “fix in’ to get ready” stages of of creating his own book on the Work of the C.R.B. (Commission for Relief in Belgium). He proposes to write a fictional account of one of the men of the C.R.B. and he has done years of extensive research. This was the “kick” I needed to get going on our very real account.

The second part of the equation was the decision to finally just commit to a particular electronic format and then brute scan the entire journal with OCR software and then comb through it all looking for errors. By far the best format for the journal was Apple’s iBook format. It has the ability to capture all of the illustrations and extra information as well as allowing us to use quick animations to illustrate all the traveling that Prentiss N. Gray did. this makes the Journal much less confusing. Most of the explanatory data is now firmly ensconced in the Glossary, which allows pictures