Domesti-Tech Videos

Every once in a while we do a video for the Domesti-Tech blog for Gannett. Videos are hard and take a lot of time to put together, but sometimes that's the only way to send the message successfully. Here are the videos we've produced so far.

One of our first Videos and one of the first video reviews of Electronic cigarettes ever produced.
Part of the "digitize your life" series, and an introduction of the "on the screen" style of demonstration
Whats the best way to demonstrate a security camera? Make a movie with one.
This is an edited version of a Video sent to us by marketers for Swann. In it, a rival vendor rips off the customer list. How dumb do you have to be to steal from a security camera booth?
Demonstration of Swann's outback video hunting surveillance system.
Our second video effort, with a little humor this time
Another from the "Digitize your life" series
A demonstration of Swann's camera's night vision.
A short demonstration of how to make an inventory really fast with a video camera.