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About GrayResearch.Net
GrayResearch.Net is a media and research company utilizing the latest in research and media production facilities to publish our own work as well as the work of others.  The company was founded in the spring of 2012 as an expansion of the Prentiss Gray company.
Great research has very little value if it can't be communicated effectively.  GrayResearch.Net is dedicated to finding the best ways to effectively communicate complex information in easily understandable and viewer sensitive ways.  From social studies to technical engineering projects GrayReseach.Net is constantly pushing the limits for discovery, gathering and disseminating information.
GrayResearch.Net is an outgrowth of our DomestiTech weekly blog and our digital publishing efforts.  Combining a background in successful technology implementation,  solid research and the latest media publishing methods, the new company gives us much more latitude to expand our services to assist in outside projects. 
Currently we are focused almost exclusively on internal projects, however we plan to soon open up our services to other authors, publishers and other interested parties.  Each project we undertake is a learning experience for us and another chance to excel at what we do best. 
We continue to produce and publish the DomestiTech series with Gannett, as well as “The Embarrassed Republican”  with Patch and numerous other non-serial projects.  Please check out our various long-term Research projects and well as our regular productions and projects.  Feedback is important to us, so we’d love for you to take the time and comment on what you see here or even get in touch to see if we can help you with a project of your own.  
Prentiss Gray